Colin Farrell latest movie Seven Psychopaths on DVD/BD

Seven Psychopaths is a comedy film written, directed and produced by Irish director Martin McDonagh. Although he won Academy Award for his short movie Six Shooter in 2006, he is maybe best known for the highly praised In Bruges.

Seven Psychopaths was released in theaters last October 2012 and earned just over $ 14 million on a $ 15 million budget. The film stars Colin Farrell as Marty Faranan, Christopher Walken as Hans Kieslowski, Sam Rockwell as Billy Bickle, Woody Harrelson as Charlie Costello and Tom Waits as Zachariah Rigby.

The story follows Marty who wants to write his next film titled "Seven Psychopaths" but he is having trouble coming up with a story and his drinking habits often gets the better of him. His two best friends Billy and Hans who steal dogs from rich owners then courteously return them in a few days later to get a reward. Billy wants to help Marty to write his story. What Marty doesn't count on is Billy publishing an advertisement in the paper that opens the door for all sorts of wild persons to make contact with him and know where he lives, which ends up thrown Marty into a world that he never imagined.

If you missed to watch this movie in theaters, you’ll be able to catch it when it hits DVD and Blu-ray on January 29, 2013. The home video releases will have the following extras

"Martin McDonagh's Seven Psychopaths”

"Crazy Locations"

"Woody Harrelson is Charlie"

"Colin Farrell is Marty"


“Seven Psychocats”

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