Dido back with New CD Girl Who Got Away, Deluxe Edition tracks

Dido entered into the music industry with her multi million selling first studio album "No Angel" in 1999. It is an electropop record led by the single "Thank you" notably sampled by Eminem on his number 1 single "Stan". Her second album "Life for Rent" saw her heading in a new direction. With her third studio effort “Safe Trip Home” she's gone even further in the same direction, making use of live instrumentation. The end results are compelling.

Her music rings so real and captivate so easily regardless of how many times you've heard them, it's remarkable to think it's been over four years since her last album and she broke that long hiatus with the release of "Let Us Move On" featuring Kendrick Lamar. It is the first song released from her forthcoming album “Girl Who Got Away” set for release on March 04, 2013 via RCA Records.

Dido’s new album Girl Who Got Away contains the following tracks:

Standard Edition

1. "No Freedom"  
2. "Girl Who Got Away"  
3. "Let Us Move On" (featuring Kendrick Lamar)
4. "Blackbird"  
5. "End of Night"
6. "Sitting on the Roof of the World"
7. "Love to Blame"  
8. "Go Dreaming"  
9. "Happy New Year"
10. "Loveless Hearts"
11. "Day Before We Went to War"

Deluxe Edition

12. "All I See" (featuring Pete Miser)
13. "Just Say Yes"  
14. "Let's Run Away"  
15. "Everything To Lose (Armin Van Buuren Remix)"  
16. "Lost"  
17. "No Freedom (Benny Benassi Remix)"

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