Here Comes The Boom DVD/BD, Extras includes 18 Deleted Scenes

I had my worries that “Here Comes The Boom” would be more predictable than compelling, but I was astonished at the level of humor it had. I like Kevin James’ witty performance, but he also has heart, and it really exhibits in this movie.

The film stars Kevin James as Scott Voss, Salma Hayek as Bella Flores, Charice as Malia De La Cruz, Henry Winkler as Marty, Gary Valentine as Eric Voss and Bas Rutten as Niko.

Scott is a former wrestler turned poor overweight teacher at a high school that is facing budget cuts. When Scott finds out that the post of his friend Marty will be the first to go, he arises with an idea to raise the required funds by moonlighting as a martial arts fighter. Along the way, Scott starts to inspire others, including Flores, the girl that he keeps trying to date.

Here Comes The Boom is a great achievement of today's entertainment selections that you can feel comfortable watching with the whole family. The film will be released on Blu-ray and DVD on February 4, 2013. This release will have quite a few bonus materials including eighteen deleted scenes.

DVD Extras

Gag Reel
Eighteen Deleted Scenes
“Here Comes The Cast” Featurette

Blu-ray Extras
All the DVD Extras
“The Pros” Featurette
“Three Amigos” Featurette
“Back To School” Featurette
“Learning How To Fight” Featurette
“Gino Vs Richie” Featurette

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