Is the New Just Dance 4 (JD 4) for Wii Worth Buying?

Dancing is an excellent cardiovascular exercise that makes you look and feel better while getting your heart pumps so that you burn fat. Other than burning calories you also have a good time! Move and groove you body is ways that make you feel better and that get your heart racing. Who cares if you are not the best your mind you are...and that is what matters!

I was really looking forward to Ubisoft’s latest work out video game “Just Dance 4” (JD 4) for Wii, the fourth installment in the Just Dance video game series, after having had so much fun playing with the previous game I was so excited! I have played the game quite a lot since I bought it back in October and having a great workout dancing to some of my favorite tracks on the game. Not only is the track selection terrific and offers a wide range of music styles, but the dance routine has become less repetitive and more professional. Whereas in JD 3 I found myself skipping over some of the routines in the game because they just weren't that good, in JD 4 there are hardly any tracks that I don't like.

JD 4 improves on all the great things of the past games. Dance Cards now record your dance duration and individual attainments. The Just Sweat modes are much better with workouts timed at 10, 25 and 45 minutes.

If you have played the previous games in the franchise, JD 4 is worth buying for you or as a gift for someone else.

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