Linda Woolverton to Script New Alice in Wonderland 2 (Movie)

Tim Burton’s 2010 Alice in Wonderland (AiW) was a very different sort of Disney film I saw it in 3D and wasn't much captivated by the effects but I did however enjoy the film.

When I saw the classic animated version of AiW (1951) I liked it right away and it remained my favorite animated movie ever since. Mainly because of the comical design of the movie and also because, as a radio listener, I spotted most of the great voices used in the film: Sterling Holloway, Ed Wynn and Jerry Colonna. When I heard that the Disney is going to produce a remake of this classic tale, I was worried: It would be restructured; it would lose its charisma. As is often the case, I was wrong: The two versions are entirely different in approach and both are extremely enjoyable.

AiW 2010 earned over $ 1024 million worldwide, recouping more than six times its $150 million budget. In Hollywood, if the original movie was huge success at the box office then the creators allowed it to have a sequel, hoping that the second one will also be a success. If a moviegoer enjoyed the first one, they will likely go back for seconds. Such was the case with "AiW". According to Variety, Disney has already hired Linda Woolverton once again to script Alice in Wonderland 2.

No word yet on the plot or Mia Wasikowska, Johnny Depp and Anne Hathaway would return to reprise their roles.

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