LL Cool J to release new album Authentic Hip-Hop in February

LL Cool J is one of those few Hip Hop artists that have been around since the early times, and he's still going strong. He made his first appearance in Michael Schultz’s film “Krush Groove” in 1985 then he dropped his debut album "Radio” in the same year. It was produced by Rick Rubin, and one of the first records to emerge from Def Jam, as well as one of the best Rap albums of all time. He invented the Hip Hop ballad with "I Need Love" from his sophomore record and he supported closing the gap between Hip Hop and crossover appeal on his third record plus being the fore runner for Bling Bling with it's record cover. And One year later finding the just right weight between commercialism and attitude on the Marley Marl and Bobby "Bobcat" Ervin produced "Mama Said Knock You Out", another Hip Hop classic. However his greatest strength is always the songs for the ladies and his subject matter is getting old.

LL will drop his thirteenth studio album “Authentic Hip-Hop” on February 12, 2013 through Connect. The album will feature guest appearances by Monica and Joe and will contain fifteen tracks as listed below:

1. "Something About U (FTW)"    
2. "Where Ya At (BOSS)"    
3. "Take It" (featuring Joe)
4. "Closer" (featuring Monica)  
5. "Too Late"    
6. "New Love"    
7. "Dream With Me"    
8. "Girl So Bad"    
9. "Ratchet"    
10. "Bartender Please"    
11. "Bath Salt"    
12. "Getting Paper"    
13. "Jump On It"    
14. "Hell Yeah"    
15. "Whaddup"

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