Bon Jovi What About Now Deluxe, Standard album details

It has been three decades since they broke out of Sayreville, and have driven many rock fans to tears and cheers. Since then, Bon Jovi have produced not just the cornerstones of arena rock that we have seen these days, but some of the most enduring hits that are still just as exciting to hear today, as they were back in their heydays in the eighties and nineties. Hard to believe, they have still proven that they've got it after those periods as well. But when it has come down to it, they just keep getting better with age not just with new fans, but for those die-hard fans who have been listening to their music since their early days.

They have unveiled the first single, "Because We Can", from their new album “What About Now”, due for release on March 26, 2013.  “What About Now” will be the Bon Jovi’s twelfth album. It was produced by John Shanks and Richie Sambora who worked with the band on their previous albums. The band will also hit the road for “Because We Can Tour” in support of their new album. The tour will see the band travel to all major continents, including countries such as Sweden, Africa, Bulgaria and Poland.

The standard edition of the album will contain twelve tracks while the deluxe edition will have additional four bonus tracks.

“What About Now” Standard Edition Tracklisting:

1. "Because We Can"  
2. "I'm With You"  
3. "What About Now"  
4. "Pictures of You"  
5. "Amen"  
6. "That's What the Water Made Me"

Bon Jovi, What About Now, Deluxe, Standard, CD, Cover, Image, Because We Can
7. "What's Left of Me"  
8. "Army of One"  
9. "Thick as Thieves"  
10. "Beautiful World"  
11. "Room at the End of the World"  
12. "The Fighter"  

“What About Now” deluxe Edition Tracklisting:

13. "These Two Hands"  
14. "Not Running Anymore"
15. "Old Habits Die Hard"  
16. "Every Road Leads Home To You"


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