David Bowie to end long hiatus with New CD The Next Day

David Bowie's influence from his works of the seventies & early eighties cast him as one of rock's giant. His evolving personality unified with his always seeming to be in the right place at the right time melodically set the bar very high for his peers, plus those who followed in his path.

Though he shined brightest in the early years of his career, he has continued to produce music for the past two-decade while the quality of his releases clearly declined.

After a 10-year long break since his lat album Reality (2003), Bowie is back with his new album “The Next Day”. The album was produced in collaboration with Bowie’s friend and long-time collaborator Tony Visconti.

"Where Are We Now?" will serve as the first single from the new album. It was released on iTunes yesterday to coincide with Bowie's Sixty-Six birthday. You can watch the video for the song by scrolling down and clicking 'play'.

The Next Day is set for release on March 11, 2013.

Track list:

Standard edition

1. "The Next Day" (track length 3:51)
2. "Dirty Boys" (2:58)
3. "The Stars (Are Out Tonight)" (3:56)
4. "Love Is Lost" (3:57)
5. "Where Are We Now?" (4:08)
6. "Valentine's Day" (3:01)
7. "If You Can See Me" (3:15)
8. "I'd Rather Be High" (3:53)
9. "Boss of Me" (4:09)
10. "Dancing Out in Space" (3:24)
11. "How Does the Grass Grow?" (4:33)
12. "(You Will) Set the World On Fire" (3:30)
13. "You Feel So Lonely You Could Die" (4:41)
14. "Heat" (4:25)

Deluxe edition

15. "So She"   (2:31)
16. "I'll Take You There"   (2:44)
17. "Plan"   (2:34)

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