Denzel Washington Newest Film Flight will fly to DVD/BD in Feb

There are many people who believed that Denzel Washington is amongst the most entertaining actors to show up over the monitors over the past decade. For the period of his certain work he's played many roles and so regardless of what his role is the viewers simply have to favor him. His exceptional appeal is generally existent regardless of what role he will be playing.

In his latest film FLIGHT, Washington lends his great charisma to his textured depiction of Whip Whitaker, an Airline Captain whose weakening drug addiction forces him to live in a world of mistrust. He's separated from his family, but he can still party with a flight attendant Katerina Marquez (Nadine Velazquez) and carry out his duty with the help of drug. His flight to Atlanta encounters severe turbulence, but it's nothing he can't deal with his expert daring intact. Having attained momentary calm, he falls asleep at the controls after drinking some alcohol, and all of a sudden the flight loses its control with its engines on fire.

There are some things that this movie does splendidly. The direction from Robert Zemeckis is terrific, once again Washington turn in a wonderful performance, and the flight sequences are extremely captivating. The storyline and support characters are also just good enough to make it a solid attempt.

If you missed Denzel Washington’s Flight in theaters, you will have a chance to watch it in the comfort of your living room when it hits DVD, Blu-ray and digital download on February 5, 2013.

Flight BD Bonus Features

"Origins of Flight"

"The Making of Flight"

"Anatomy of a Plane Crash"

Q and A Highlights

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