Depeche Mode (DM) revealed Delta Machine details

Three decades have passed since Depeche Mode (DM) released their first album, Speak & Spell. They became one of the the best and most influential groups in the electronic scene, and also one of the leading acts in the world. Obviously, all of these successes force them to give their best in every new material they release.

They have always managed to craft records that satisfied hard core fans but rarely have they generated records that seemed to resonate with the most people. Some Great Reward, Music For The Masses, Violater and Exciter achieved this while Playing the Angel and Sounds of the Universe were beloved by fans only for the most part.  I don't dislike those two records as some do, but I just felt that the best songs on those records would have made a great album together. They were experimenting and there is nothing wrong with that. Most groups with 30 plus year history have done the same with varying degrees of success.

Being a longtime DM fan, I am excited to see another new album coming out. Delta Machine will be DM’s thirteenth studio album, set for release in the USA on March 26, 2013 via Columbia Records. Delta Machine is produced by Ben Hillier who also produced DM’s previous two albums “Sounds of the Universe” and “Playing the Angel”. "Heaven" will serve as the first single from the album. The band will embark on a World Tour in support of their new album. The tour will kick off on May 07 in Tel Aviv at Hayarkon Park.

DM’s Delta Machine Track List

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Standard Edition

1. "Welcome to My World"    
2. "Angel"    
3. "Heaven"    
4. "Secret to the End"    
5. "My Little Universe"    
6. "Slow"    
7. "Broken"    
8. "The Child Inside"    
9. "Soft Touch/Raw Nerve"    
10. "Should Be Higher"    
11. "Alone"    
12. "Soothe My Soul"    
13. "Goodbye"

Deluxe / Special Edition

14. "Long Time Lie"    
15. "Happens All the Time"    
16. "Always"    
17. "All That's Mine"