Far Cry 3 is better than the previous game, FC3 Vs FC2 review

I like a good open world game like Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead, Saints Row and etc. Far Cry 3 (FC3) is right up there with those games. While they featured rather austere surroundings but FC3 gives you a luxuriant tropical land to explore, there is no lack of things to do and see. The best part of FC3 is its total freedom and unpredictability.

In the FC3, you play as Jason Brody who along with his two brothers, girlfriend, and group of friends has been detained by pirates on the tropical islands of Rook. After fleeing, Brody is saved by the inhabitants who teach him how to survive the island and rescue his friends.

The gameplay in 'FC3' is a lot like FC2. The shooting is pretty straightforward if you're familiar with most first person shooter games today and you have a wide range of armaments to get hold of which are all customizable and are fun to find great ways to utilize them which leads to the best part of this game: the assaults. Scrutinizing, planning, and making attack against rivals are enjoyable because you are given total freedom on how to go about it. The magic binoculars from the first game (and missing from previous game) return, allowing you to 'tag' rivals and keep track of them even through walls.

Far Cry 3, Cover, Image
Visually FC 3 is much better than FC2. The background, water, trees, people, animals, all look astounding and life like.

All the sounds of the forest and battle sound great in FC3. The audio is very supportive in hunting animals as you can possibly get the drop on them by hearing their grunts and growls through the brush. The voice acting in FC3 is the best in the series thus far. Brody and his pals sound and act convincing to people in this situation and the enemies are also enjoyable to watch and come to hate them but in the good way.

Overall, FC3 is the best game in the franchise so far in terms of narrative, characters, and general survival gameplay.