Jeff Nathanson to Pen Pirates of the Caribbean 5

Way back in 2003, most people were not excited about the release of the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Helmed by a new comer and starring a couple of rising stars, it barely set the pulses racing. Moreover, the film weren't even cool. Back then all the big films featured either superheroes, people with swords in sandals and PC-generated villains. Yet somehow it gained international praise and became one of the most financially successful movies of all time, with three wildly successful follow-ups. Clearly show something had gone right.

Although Orlando Bloom, Keira Knightley and Jack Davenport have become real Hollywood stars, it wasn't their face than launched this successful series. Nor was it the famous producer Jerry Bruckheimer, who appears to have spent most of his time since dragging out a new effort to bring back that magic. In the end, the success of this series rested on the shoulders of a sozzled pirate based on the aged rock legend Keith Richards. Yes, Captain Jack Sparrow became the breakout hit that describes the term itself. Out of the blue, Johnny Depp turned out to be an overnight sensation, with Hollywood beating a swift path to his door to offer roles from John Dillinger to Willy Wonka - he even earned an Oscar nomination. Not bad for a person who had earlier been well-known for playing a role with scissors instead of fingers.

The impact of Depp’s character in Pirates of the Caribbean as Captain Jack Sparrow has been felt all over the world. The success has even driven Disney to consider a fifth Pirates of the Caribbean film, regardless of the diminishing critical and commercial returns of the three sequels. The company has hired Rush Hour writer Jeff Nathanson to pen Pirates of the Caribbean 5. According to Variety the producer Jerry Bruckheimer and star Johnny Depp are expected to be back.

The plot, full cast / crew and the film release date are yet to be announced.


Disney has revealed that Pirates of the Caribbean 5 will open in theaters on July 10 2015 - a gap of over 4 years since the last installment in the series, which came out in May 2011.

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