John McAfee's Last Stand getting the movie treatment

This is a story of a United State software businessman who earned a large sum of money on selling his product, McAfee Anti-Virus software. The film will be based on an article “John McAfee's Last Stand” written by Joshua Davis for Wired magazine. The publisher was in fact evaluating the market for pay per article news by publishing it on Kindle and Nook a several days prior to the article became available for free on the web.

John McAfee became a most talked about person after authorities in Belize wanted him for inquiring a murder case. “John McAfee's Last Stand” was published after the incident but before he went to Guatemala, then back to the US.

Warner Bros. has acquired the film rights to Joshua Davis' article John McAfee's Last Stand" recently, and has hired Crazy, Stupid, Love directors, John Requa and Glenn Ficarra to pen, direct and produce the adaptation.

John McAfee, Last Stand, John Requa, Glenn Ficarra, Warner Bros