Movie Adaptation of Y: The Last Man finally has the green light

The long-delayed movie adaptation of Brian K. Vaughan’s " Y: The Last Man" finally has the green light. After almost a decade later, New Line Cinema is moving forward with the director Dan Trachtenberg. While most people are likely unfamiliar with his work, a few may have seen his short film, Portal: No Escape, based on the video game Portal. Trachtenberg will helm the adaptation based on a screenplay by Matthew Federman and Stephen Scaia.

The story centers on one person - Yorick Brown who wants nothing more than to be with his fiancee and before he knows it, he's the last human alive on Earth together with his pet monkey, both are the last of any species on Earth, totally mysterious as to how they survived this disaster which has devastated the world. With the assist of his congresswoman mother, and the strange Agent 355, Brown and co. must travel in a destabilized world while evasion a tribe of new age Amazon women which claim the men were intended to die.

Movie Adaptation, Y The Last Man