New Video Clip and Poster for Bruce Willis Latest Film RED 2

The comic that this film is based on was written by Warren Ellis. He is a writer that I tend to like and is the author of one of my much loved series: Planetary.

The lead role, Frank Moses, is portrayed by Bruce Willis. This is just Bruce Willis being himself, but, when you want an actor to play the part of Willis, there is no one else that can do that, and he is remarkable in this role. It would not surprise me if he was in Ellis' mind as he wrote the character, although that is pure assumption on my part. In any case, he is totally enjoyable in his role as Frank Moses in the first film “RED”, and I can't really think anyone else doing the role the justice that he gave it.

The original movie was a surprise hit at the box office, grossing nearly $200 m worldwide, almost four times its budget of $58 million. We all know that such a huge success usually brings a sequel, and now, just over 2 years since the release of the original film; the makers of RED are back with a sequel. Bruce Willis, John Malkovich, Mary-Louise Parker, Helen Mirren, and Brian Cox are all return from 2010 film to reprise their roles.

RED 2 is set for release in theaters on August 02, 2013.

Here is the first Video Clip for the film RED 2