Saxon to drop new Heavy Metal album Sacrifice later this month

In the late seventies a new (sub) genre begins to rise - New wave of British heavy metal mixing traditional hard rock with punk-rock. You got many young talented groups and one of those groups were Saxon, and together with Iron Maiden and Judas Priest I would say that they inspired many to follow. The group led by Biff Byford gave heavy metal a real fuel injection in the early eighties. But they are barely recognized in the US regardless of their being a perennial favorite in UK and Eu. However, that their underground US listeners and EU fans have allowed them to stay in the music scene and continue to release new material.

Saxon is currently gearing up to release their 20th studio album “Sacrifice” on February 22, 2013. The standard edition of the CD will have ten tracks while the bonus edition CD will contain additional five songs. Complete track list are as follows:

1. "Procession"    
2. "Sacrifice"    
3. "Made in Belfast"    
4. "Warriors of the Road"    
5. "Guardians of the Tomb"    
6. "Stand up and Fight"    
7. "Walking the Steel"    
8. "Night of the Wolf"    
9. "Wheels of Terror"    
10. "Standing in a Queue"

Bonus Tracks

1. "Crusader"
2. "Just Let Me Rock"
3. "Requiem"  
4. "Frozen Rainbow"
5. "Forever Free"