Suede back with New CD Bloodsports after a decade hiatus

In the seventies it was Bowie. In the eighties it was The Smiths. In the nineties it was Suede. They are an attitude-driven, neo-rock band from London. They achieved a huge success in the nineties with their snappy songs and the lead singer's distinct vocals. Their greatest hits are the tasty `The Beautiful Ones' and the sensibly arrange `Trash.' But they also have other distinct songs like `Filmstar' and the awkwardly exciting `She's In Fashion.'

After a decade since their last record A New Morning in 2002, Suede are back with new album 'Bloodsports' due for release on March 18, 2013 through Warner Music Group. The album contains 10 songs produced with their long-time collaborator Ed Buller, who had produced their first three albums.

Track Listing

1. "Barriers"    
2. "Snowblind"    
3. "It Starts and Ends with You"    
4. "Sabotage"    
5. "For the Strangers"    
6. "Hit Me"    
7. "Sometimes I Feel I'll Float Away"    
8. "What Are You Not Telling me?"    
9. "Always"    
10. "Faultlines"