Suffocation back with new Death metal album Pinnacle of Bedlam

All veteran metal groups who have been in the music business for over a decade eventually face the challenge of competing with younger bands that have recently entered in the music scene and stolen some of the limelight. This happened to Pantera during the 90s, and Suffocation are dealing with it now. But, they have so far survived every musical trend, and they're now competing with newcomers who play, modern deathcore thrash, and metalcore.

They have always been a highly innovative band. But, on their last album “Blood Oath (2009)”, they've slowed down the song tempos considerably so as to crack down on beating the listener over the head with a brutal assault. This fresh sound isn't bad at all, it just sounds less unique and identifiable. However, the band haven't yet fallen to the depths of being generic, because their musicianship is still so remarkable and technical, it puts almost all newbies to shame.

Pinnacle of Bedlam will be their seventh studio album produced by Joe Cincotta, featuring their returning drummer Dave Culross. The album is slated for release on February 15, 2013.

Pinnacle of Bedlam Track List:

1. "Cycles of Suffering"
2. "Purgatorial Punishment"
3. "Eminent Wrath"
4. "As Grace Descends"
5. "Sullen Days"  
6. "Pinnacle of Bedlam"
7. "My Demise"
8. "Inversion"  
9. "Rapture of Revocation"
10. "Beginning of Sorrow"

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