The Master DVD / BD Extras, Back Beyond Deleted Scene

The Weinstein Company will release Paul Anderson’s latest film The Master on Blu-ray and DVD starting on February 26, 2013 (USA) and March 11, 2013 (UK). The Blu-ray single disc will const you $39.99 while standard DVD disc will run at $29.98. This release will contain extra bonus materials featuring "Back Beyond", a 20-minute montage of deleted scene by the director. You can see the full list of extras below:


"Back Beyond" outtakes with Johnny Greenwood
"Unguided Message”
“Behind the Scenes”


All the DVD Extras
”Let Their Be Light”

The film stars Joaquin Phoenix as Freddie Quell, Philip Seymour Hoffman as Lancaster Dodd and Amy Adams as Peggy Dodd, and the story follows Freddie Quell, a soldier returning from WWII, trying to get his life back on track. After several misfortunes, he ends up by accident in the circle of Lancaster Dodd, a fascinating guy who likes Quell's ability to create potent potables from whatever chemicals he has his possession. The rest of the story concerns Quell's induction into Lancaster's cult and the weird, love-hate relationship that develops between them.

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