Veronica Roth book Divergent getting the Film Treatment

The first installment in the young adult book series ' Divergent,' by Veronica Roth, is currently being adapted into a feature film by Summit Entertainment. Neil Burger (The Illusionist, The Lucky Ones and Limitless) is on board to direct the film based on a script by Evan Daughtery (Snow White and the Huntsman and Killing Season). Shailene Woodley will play the lead role of Tris and Kate Winslet, Maggie Q, Zoe Kravitz, and Ansel Elgort will also star in unspecified roles. Doug Wick and Lucy Fisher will produce it. The filming will take place in the Chicago, IL and the theatrical release expected sometime in 2014.

The novel is extremely interesting read. It follows a 16 years old girl Tris who must decide whether to stay with her love once or find her own way in the world in Dauntless. Knowing what her pick will cost her, she unites with Dauntless but before she can formally become a member of the group, she must prove that she is important and daring and pass a series of tough physical and emotional assessments. While in training she stumbles upon some fascinating people, who become her pals, something she has never really had before and also falls in love.

Update: EW posted the following image, which features Tris standing against a fence that's been penetrated by knives. Those who have read the novel probably remember the scene that has Tris and the other learners practicing their knife-throwing.

Shailene Woodley, Tris, Divergent

Divergent, Shailene Woodley, Tris