Duncan Jones to Helm WoW, Game to Film Adaptation

The long-delayed film version of the popular MMORPG video game World Of Warcraft (WoW) finally has the green light. Thanks to The Hollywood Reporter, we now know quite a bit about the outline of the adaptation and what we might anticipate when it is finally released.

The film will be helmed by Duncan Jones based on a script by Charles Leavitt. His resume includes two Sci-Fi films Moon and Source Code. Looking through their resumes, it seems that Sci-Fi and action will play a very large part in the film.

Drum your fingers and tap your toes. It's going to be quite a wait. The project is expected to commence later this year. Although films of this kind can be put together in several months, expect two years as a minimum from the production date (so late 2015 most likely).

With the director and writer in place we can look forward to a Sci-Fi / action based film to be the result. LOTR was a quest film with action in it. WoW will be a Sci-Fi / action with some quest and plot advancement in it. That's assumption for now.

There is currently no confirmation on who will star in the film. Certain names have been put forward, however it's doubtful that anyone has signed up for it yet. But expect a few major stars, some beefcake and some eye-catching ladies.

The production company is Legendary Pictures of "300" and "The Dark Knight Rises". This is great news for those hardcore gamers who have been eagerly waiting to see their digital adventures played out on the silver screen.

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