Killswitch Engage to drop new album, Disarm the Descent, in April

Nearly thirteen years after releasing their first self-titled album, one of the best metalcore bands, Killswitch Engage, have returned with a new album titled Disarm the Descent. Not only this is their sixth effort with producer Adam Dutkiewicz in tow but it is also their first album to feature one of their original members and the former lead vocalist Jesse Leach since 2002’s Alive or Just Breathing.

The band released “In Due Time" as the first single from their new album. This is a very melodic track, opening with a superb guitar riff and leading in to some intense screaming by Leach. His voice and the guitar backing him up fit together nicely.  Leach once again proves he's the right person for Killswitch Engage.

Disarm the Descent will be available to purchase in two editions, Standard Edition and Special Edition on April 2, 2013 through Roadrunner Records. The standard edition of the album will have twelve tracks while the special edition will contain additional four tracks plus a DVD disc containing a half-hour long documentary detailing the creation of the album.

Standard edition track list

1. "The Hell in Me"  
2. "Beyond the Flames"  
3. "New Awakening"  
4. "In Due Time"
5. "A Tribute to the Fallen"  
6. "The Turning Point"  
7. "All That We Have"  
8. "You Don't Bleed For Me"

9. "The Call"  
10. "No End in Sight"
11. "Always"  
12. "Time Will Not Remain"

Special Edition track list

13. "Blood Stains"  
14. "Slave to the Machine"  
15. "Numbered Days"
16. "My Curse"