Mark Heyman Tapped to Write Screenplay for Syndrome E Film

Paramount Pictures and Indian Paintbrush Productions have teamed up to bring French Author Franck Thilliez's best selling novel “Syndrome E.” to the big screen. The book was originally published in France.

Screenwriter Mark Heyman has been hired by the studios to write the adaptation. Heyman is best known for writing the script "Black Swan," which was nominated for several Academy Awards in 2011 and won one for Natalie Portman’s performance.

Syndrome E will be produced by Steve Zaillian and Garret Basch, together with Mark Roybal and Steven Rales.

Syndrome E tells the story of Lucie Hennebelle who is a single mother of two girls. She has lost much of her life, due mainly to her risky job. And yet, for sometimes bizarre reasons, she simply loves her job, and would rather spend time searching evidence and solving mysteries than spend time with her daughters. The drive Hennebelle has for her work is an obsession, so it's most likely not surprising she's drawn to Franck Sharko, the chief Inspector who literally is sick due to his job. He's a bit OCD, and has nothing left in his life apart from his work, until he meets Hennebelle.

There's no word yet from the studios regarding the cast, director or the production start date.