Rise Of The Guardians DVD/Blu-ray bonus features and extras

Dreamworks' newest 3D animation film “Rise Of The Guardians” is a fantasy adventure movie made for children based on "Guardians of Childhood" book series by William Joyce and a short film “The Man in the Moon” by Joyce and Reel FX. It was released in theaters during the last holiday season and so far, it has earned just over $300 million during its worldwide run over $ 145 million budget. Rise Of The Guardians features the voices of Hugh Jackman as Easter Bunny, Isla Fisher as Tooth, Alec Baldwin as North (Santa Claus) and Chris Pine as Jack Frost.

The movie does veer from the franchise slightly as it's set about 200 years after the events of the novels, but it still features the same characters and stories. It follows North, the leader of the guardians who learns that the wicked boogeyman is returned to rid every kid of their dreams and make them live in a world of darkness. He asks the Guardians to assist him save kids who are in danger and tells them the Man in the Moon has informed him Jack Frost is to become a new member of The Guardians. He has never been popular among kids and turns down at first but is persuaded to change his mind.

If you missed this family-friendly movie in the theater, you will be able to catch the film when Paramount Pictures release it on DVD, Blu-ray and 3D Blu-ray on March 12, 2013.

Here are the various home video releases available for purchase:

The single disc DVD will be available for $ 17.99 (SRP)

3-Disc Combo Pack (DVD, Blu-ray, Blu-ray 3D, Digital Copy + UltraViolet) will cost $ 28.99 (SRP)

Two-Disc Combo Pack (DVD, Blu-ray, Digital Copy +UltraViolet) will run at $21.99 (SRP)

Limited Edition Easter Gift Pack (DVD +2 Hopping Toy Eggs) will be available for the price of $ 17.99 (SRP) while Limited Edition Easter Gift Pack (DVD, Blu-ray and Digital Copy + 2 Hopping Toy Eggs) will cost you $22.99 (SRP)

This home video release will contain the following bonus features and extras:

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