30 STM drop Up in the Air from Love, Lust, Faith and Dreams

In recent times, musicians who want to make it have realized that their best option is to be unique. While that leads to various types of music, a lot of it just comes off as trying too hard. 30 Seconds to Mars (30 STM) is happy with where they stand as people and then as musicians.

They entered the music scene back in 2002 with their self-titled album. In spite of being fronted by Jared Leto, their first effort didn't receive that much attention. In 2005, 30 STM released their sophomore album, A Beautiful Lie, which had some notable tracks, but it strayed away from the more experimental sound with a more refined, conventional outlook. With their third album, "This Is War", 30 STM had further rationalized their music and maintained a unique sound, mixing raw, intense alternative metal with a bit of electronic, and a healthy dose of progressive rock.

30 STM dropped "Up in the Air", the lead single from their upcoming fourth effort “Love, Lust, Faith and Dreams” today (March 19, 2013).

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