Calling Me Home gets the Movie Treatment

Although it was published a month ago, February 2013, Julie Kibler's debut novel Calling Me Home has received many positive reviews so far, and now Warner Bros. is teaming up with Vertigo Entertainment to bring the novel to life.

So far, the project is in its early stage and doesn’t have any screenwriter, director or any cast attached to it, and this one is going to take a special lady to portray 90-year old Isabelle.

Calling Me Home tells the story of a ninety-year old woman “Isabelle” who asks her friend and hairdresser to take her to attend a funeral. The story switches between the present and the past, as she weaves a relationship between a black man and white woman. Faced with her own crisis, her friend is touched by Isabelle's bravery and determination.

Calling Me Home, Movie