HIM to release Tears on Tape in May, Fanpack, iTunes, Finnish Edition tracks

Although the likes of AC/DC, Metalica and Black Sabbath are noticeable influences in their music, Finland's HIM are a group that stands out for sounding fairly exceptional. Their gothic metal hybrid, which mixes together high, harmonious vocals with amazingly heavy guitar riffs, sounds clearly HIM.-esque. I've been listening to them for several years now, ever since I heard "The Funeral of Hearts" a decade ago I've been a fan of their music. Not a die-hard - fanatic who hangs on every word out of Valo's mouth, but a fan nevertheless. After their last album "Screamworks: Love in Theory and Practice" I was really astonished at the progression from "Venus Doom". Yeah, it had a much slicker appeal to it and it was certainly more commercial. Generally when a group does this, it lowers the overall effect for me. Not because I think of it in terms of "selling out", but it really worries me to know that a group I really like is about to get a lot bigger. However their last album didn't really have this effect on me. I may not love it as much as "Venus Doom or Dark Light" but I think it ranks pretty close.

HIM are gearing up to release their next album Tears on Tape, set for release in the USA on April 30, 2013. The album will be available in various packages as listed below:

Standard Edition:

1. "Unleash The Red"
2. "All Lips Go Blue"
3. "Love Without Tears"
4. "I Will Be The End Of You"
5. "Tears On Tape"
6. "Into The Night"
7. "Hearts At War"
8. "Trapped In Autumn"
9. "No Love"
10. "Drawn & Quartered"
11. "Lucifer's Chorale"
12. "W.L.S.T.D."
13. "Kiss The Void"

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Fanpack Bonus Tracks:

14. "Buried Alive By Love (Live In Studio)"  
15. "The Kiss of Dawn (Live In Studio)"

MerchNow Pre Order:

14. "When Love And Death Embrace (Live In Studio)"

Finnish CD/DVD Limited Edition:

14. "Buried Alive By Love (Live in Studio Video)"
15. "The Kiss of Dawn (Live in Studio Video)"
16. "When Love and Death Embrace (Live in Studio Video)"  
17. "Join Me (Live in Studio Video)"
18. "The Funeral of Hearts (Live in Studio Video)"
19. "Heartkiller (Live in Studio Video)"
20. "Wings of a Butterfly (Live in Studio Video)"  

iTunes Pre Order:

14. "Heartkiller (Live in Studio Video)"
15. "Wings of a Butterfly (Live in Studio Video)"
16. "Join Me (Live in Studio Video)
17. "The Kiss of Dawn (Live In Studio)"
18. "The Funeral of Hearts (Live in Studio Video)"