Iron Man 3 Complete OST, Music Score Composed by Brian Tyler

Iron Man 3 is the third installment of the Iron Man film franchise based on a character which appeared in a Marvel comic book series in 1963. The newest Iron Man film is directed by Shane Black based on a script he co-written with Drew Pearce. Robert Downey Jr. has returned once again to reprises his role as Tony Stark, a wealthy businessman an inventor who builds a super-advanced `power suit', which he dons  in an effort to rid the world of the powerful armaments his own company produced and which have now fallen into the wrong hands.

To capture the world of Iron Man in musical terms, Black turned to composer Brian Tyler, whose career is mounting off the back of box office successes such as Fast and Furious, Fast Five, Battle: Los Angeles as well as video game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.  Tyler’s score to the Iron Man 3 will feature the music from amazing rock musicians such Robbie Williams, Passion Pit and Awolnation.

Iron Man 3: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack will be available for purchase on April 30, 2013, three days before the film’s release in the United State.  

Iron Man 3 Album Soundtrack (OST) list:

1. "Ready Aim Fire" - Imagine Dragons
2. "Some Kind of Joke" - Awolnation
3. "Some Kind of Monster" - Neon Trees
4. "American Blood" - Passion Pit
5. "No Time" - Rogue Wave
6. "One Minute More" - Capital Cities
7. "Back to the Start" - Mr Little Jeans
8. "Keep Moving" - Andrew Stockdale (from Wolfmother)
9. "Redemption" - Redlight King
10. "Big Bad Wolves" - Walk the Moon
11. "Bad Guy" - 3OH!3
12. "Let's Go All the Way" - The Wondergirls (featuring Ashley Hamilton and Robbie Williams)

Iron Man 3 score:

1. Iron Man 3
2. War Machine
3. Attack on 10880 Malibu Point
4. Isolation
5. Dive Bombers
6. New Beginnings
7. Extremis
8. Stark
9. Leverage
10. The Mandarin
11. Heat and Iron
12. Misfire
13. Culmination
14. The Mechanic
15. Hot Pepper
16. Another Lesson from Mandy
17. Dr. Wu
18. Return
19. Battle Finale
20. Can You Dig It (Iron Man 3 Main Titles)

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