Crysis 3 vs Crysis 2, Best FPS Game Of 2013 So far

Having played the previous installments in the Crysis (C) game series, I was looking forward to Crysis 3, as the previous installment was not only one of my favorite games in the series, but also one of my favorite FPS video games today.

C3 continues several years after the 2nd one left off, with the player picking up the role of Prophet, a man wearing a Nanosuit, which gives him super powers making him people's only hope against the alien threat. The concept isn't new, but it's not poorly done either. The characters are fascinating and well written, and help to drive the story along. It was definitely easier to follow and more exciting than C2.

Unlike the previous entry, C3 has only 7 levels, in comparison to the 20 plus levels its predecessor had. Regardless of this, the level design is exceptional, and a huge improvement over C2.

Maps have been a lot enhanced in comparison to previous installment, with higher degrees of verticality that let the gameplay to truly stand out. The controls feel "tighter" and smoother. Weapons have that certain spunk and the kills are very enjoyable. The Ceph armaments are excellent. The grenades are mediocre, in that the sound effect for the blast feel muted, and in my opinion, I think the timer on the grenade is slightly too long. However, there are a lot of gameplay options and tweaks that make the latest entry much smoother. It ends up throwing some all new stuff into the mix the C franchise hasn't seen before.

If you thought the graphics in C1 were amazing you had to be blown away with the graphics in C2 and the same is true with the graphics in Crysis 3. Everything looks astonishing.

The sound in C3 is thunderous! Everything sounds vigorous, from the aliens to the weapons. Every sound effect is first-rate. The music score is also excellent in my opinion.

I love C game series. The first one was remarkable and I really like the 2nd one. The 3rd one falls in between. I think it is better than C1 and almost as good as C2.