Dynasty Warriors (DW) 8 coming to PS3 / Xbox in July, NA

The "Dynasty Warriors" (DW) franchise is most likely unique in continuing to drop new games while getting, if anything, worse with each installment. The franchise was never especially great, simply an enjoyable beat-em-up with a remarkable and extensive plot plucked from Chinese literature. Yet as time has gone on, the franchise has not brought out anything new, and even the graphics haven't noticeably enhanced to the level you'd expect.

DW game franchise is based on the Chinese classical novel "Romance of the Three Kingdoms," set in 2nd and 3rd century China, as the Han Dynasty collapses. Four kingdoms (Wei, Wu, Shu and Jin battling) eventually came to separate the land, in a rather long stalemate. The book, 2000 pages long in its complete English form, eventually ends as China is united again under a new regime, which sadly is well after the video games stop taking any interest in the end result. Players control their character, using swordplay and quasi-magical powers to destroy enemies, taking individual bases until eventually defeating the enemy commander. The basic gameplay is awfully repetitive, and yet oddly compelling, at its best.

The 8th installment in the DW game series was released back in February in Japan and will be available on PS3 and Xbox 360 in North America on July 16, 2013. DW 8 features over seventy new and returning characters with more than forty new levels. DW 8 also introduces new game modes such as such as “Commander Mode” and “What If?”.