Fantasia Barrino drops Side Effects of You (SEOY)

Fantasia Barrino, Grammy Award winner, American Idol winner, Broadway star, actress and R&B, soul, hip-hop recording artist is back and doing it her way. There is no doubt that many of her fans wanted her to carry on from her Grammy Award wining single Bitterswee, from Back to Me, but this time she’s doing it her way.

Barrino has done what very few artists can, and that is making four solid records. Side Effects of You  (SEOY) is the most recent one, which shows her progress in the music industry. With the lead song 'Lose to Win' she entices audience into her world to show that she is a woman who is getting back to what she loves.

This time around the songwriter and producer Harmony Samuels has given the tracks the hooks they need to be memorable and singable by the masses. Her voice is wonderful here. The lyrics are intense and touching delivered by a crunchy voice that still has a gritty quality which stands the raw emotions behind the words. Barrino has one of those voices that's just an amazing gift; but she has improved it and smoothed some of the raw edges presented in her previous three albums.

I think as Barrino matures her work will continue to strengthen. Her new album, Side Effects of You, is a great step in the right direction.