FIFA Football 2013 vs 2012, 2014 to offer new and enhanced features

FIFA Football 13 is the latest entry in the EA Sports' highly successful FIFA video game series. It follows closely on the heels of the equally success previous game. Like football itself, FIFA may not be the most renowned video game series in the US, but that hasn't stopped the other part of the world from enjoying it. This game series has been localized into eighteen different languages and available to purchase in over fifty countries. The international reputation and considerable amount of online play that this franchise has gained over the years has destined that the developer has received a huge amount of gamer response and they have put it to good use.

Some of the most interesting new features that FIFA 13 has introduced:

Complete Dribbling: FIFA 12 did not allow gamers to perform a complete dribble and this is where the newest addition comes out tops by allowing gamers to have total ball control and be able to dribble well.

Attacking Intelligence: FIFA 13 now allows gamers to have quite a few choices of attacking which lets for smart playing. It also allows the gamers to explore the area they are working with so that they are able to arise with wise choices on their attacking game.

With some great improvements to what was already an excellent product, FIFA Football 13 is just a marvelous video gaming experience, offering action, tactic, and adequate amount of diverse formats that it will never get sour.

Nearly six months after the release of FIFA 13, Ea Sports has revealed the details of their highly anticipated game FIFA 14, set for release in September 2013. In addition to enhanced graphics, FIFA 14 comes with a host of new features such as Pure Shot, Real Ball Physics, Protect The Bal and Teammate Intelligence. See full press release bellow: