First Look: Dexter Season 8 new teaser, Premiere set for June

Dexter quickly became one of the most popular dramas on Showtime, and has remained very popular to this day.

Based on a series of novels with the same name by Jeff Lindsay, chronicles the life of one ethically-minded serial killer “Dexter” (Michael C. Hall). The victim of a painful experience as a kid, young Dexter is adopted by a police officer, who learns his violent urges and create a sort of code that, if he is to assassinate, he should only assassinate a person who has been proven guilty. Now as a grown man, Dexter continues his brutal killings while working for the Miami police department.

Regardless of its dark premise, Dexter has managed to become a hit with television viewers, who tuned in to the drama during record numbers. With the huge popularity of the show, it was recently revealed that Dexter would be returning for an eight season in June 2013. Filming for the new season is already underway, as with every new TV franchise, there is always anticipation to see what new characters or cast will be joining the show, and Dexter Season eight is no different. So far, there have been only a few announcements regarding new cast and characters.

Sean Patrick Flanery will portray the role of private investigator “Jacob Elroy” while Charlotte Rampling will play the role of neuro-psychiatrist.

The Showtime's recently released the second teaser video from their upcoming show Dexter Season 8. The first teaser featured a list of names Dexter has killed. The new teaser video gives us a bit more details of what we may see in the upcoming season.

Update: Showtime have released a first full length trailer from the upcoming season  

Update: New Poster 

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