First look: Douglas Booth, Hailee Steinfeld as Romeo & Juliet

It's not possible to guess the effect William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet has had on the present day concept of the love story. It's common for people to bring up those two star crossed lovers when discussing about a couple with a truly romantic past. Even though it's heartbreaking conclusion is anything but a present day happily-ever-after, people tend to hold on to the young couple's love at-first-sight start and not their painful end, to the point that most seem to disregard the play's allegorical aspects totally.

Just as Shakespeare produced his own version of this story, so have many film makers created their own explanations of this undying story of love. The play was first adapted for movie in the 1920s, first as a soundless movie and then with sound towards the end of the decade. These productions, while well-received at the time, have not suffered as much as the ones that followed them.

Franco Zefirelli's film version of this classic tale considered to be a faithful representation. However, Younger viewers will most likely have a hard time visualizing Romeo and Juliet as anyone other than Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes, so popular was Baz Luhrmann's 1996 movie adaptation.

While many have attempted to bring Shakespeare's stage works to the silver screen, Carlo Carlei’s version of Romeo and Juliet is yet another attempt to put Shakespeare's play on the big screen. Whether this tale is told with performers in the classic Shakespearian costumes using King James English or with modern outfits and American English, it is a story that many devoted Shakespeare fans are looking forward to seeing.

The first teaser video for Romeo and Juliet featuring Hailee Steinfeld and Douglas Booth has been released online – watch it below:

New Romeo and Juliet film will open in UK theaters on July 26, 2013