Goo Goo Dolls back with Magnetic, dropped Rebel Beat

Few groups can last over two decades and continue to produce relevant, insightful music that people of all ages can be connected with. For any musician, it gets harder and harder to entertain a fan base the more you get into your career. Astounding material draw in people with that style of taste, and the fans get their hopes up too high for the next material to please them. The more classic records you have, the harder it will be to entertain the fan base of those past records. In the case of the Goo Goo Dolls, they have few outstanding efforts that drew in wide range of tastes. "Superstar Carwash," "A Boy Named Goo," "Dizzy Up the Girl," and "Gutterflower". Ever since they burst onto the music scene with their self titled album in 1987,” they have become a household name. As the years have gone by, their sound has become much softer, but this development was slow and steady throughout the past two decades. Their most recent record, 2010 "Something for the Rest of Us" was consisted of many love songs, and was very soft for pop / rock standards.

After three years hiatus since their last album "Something for the Rest of Us" , Goo Goo Dolls is back with a new material “Magnetic” slated for release on May 07, 2013 through Warner Bros. Records. Rebel Beat produced by Gregg Wattenberg was released in February as the first single from the album. This track peaked at # 25 on the Billboard’s Adult Pop Songs.

Magnetic will contain the following songs:

Standard edition

1. "Rebel Beat"
2. "When the World Breaks Your Heart"
3. "Slow It Down"
4. "Caught in the Storm"
5. "Bringing on the Light"
6. "Come to Me"
7. "More of You"
8. "Bulletproofangel"
9. "Last Hot Night"
10. "Happiest of Days"
11. "Keep the Car Running"

Deluxe edition

12. "Home" (live)
13. "Black Balloon" (live)

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