MGMT working on new material, unveiled Alien Days

It became clear over the past several years that MGMT loathed the huge success their first record Oracular Spectacular, mainly its songs, had lavished on the group. Grammy nominations and countless radio spins; MGMT was everywhere due mostly to their talent to make original, ironic indie pop with a psychedelic sheen and create some damn memorable singles along the way.

After seeing their success skyrocket and then drop swiftly, MGMT has changed their style in such a remarkable fashion that it is difficult to tell what the future holds for them. They have certainly created a sound that is totally original so by taking a page from Sleater-Kinney, they've produce a record that succeeds through honesty. Where the first album played to the masses with radio friendly songs, their next record “Congratulations” shows the world the real MGMT. We haven't seen the last of them and their sophomore effort is proof they have what it takes to stay alive.

MGMT is currently working on their self titled third album in collaboration with Dave Fridmann. They have given their fans an early insight into their new material by releasing a single from the record, titled “Alien Days.” It has a remarkable sounding synth beat and with simply catchy pop melodies. The blend of light keyboard and heavy guitar works a treat in this track. And the keyboard break in later of the track is also enjoyable. Drumming is solid, and good.