Thomas and Guy Manuel, Daft Punk, unveiled RAM details

Daft Punk’s can be depicted one of the best modern electronic acts. They are always experimenting with new sounds and have fruitfully taken the world by storm. Beginning with modest French roots, they have managed to make a name for themselves internationally. They incorporate more sensitivity into their work than any other electro acts. Their robotic avatars appear to explore the very boundaries separating humanity and technology in their music.

Even though the roots of electronic music extend far back into ancient years, many of the techniques used in present electronic music are the outcome of the influences of a small number of European artists. One of these artists with major influences is Pierre Schaeffer. He was responsible for the formation of Musique Concrete where he would utilize a tape recorder to capture a range of noises from various sources and produce music out of these individual sounds. He would spend considerable time editing those individual sounds on a tape recorder to produce his final works. One technique that he mastered during his work is called Objet Sonore where he would duplicate these sounds making a longer piece. This concept though more refined in terms of quality is present in almost every single in Daft Punk’s recent materials, Alive 2007 or score for the film Tron: Legacy. We can hear the same few words repeated several times or even just the same pattern of synthesizers.

Daft Punk’s highly anticipated fourth album titled “Random Access Memories” (RAM), the first record under their new contract with Columbia, will hit stores on May 21, 2013. It will feature appearances from artists such as Pharrell Williams and Nile Rodgers.

RAM will contain the following singles: