Victor Crowley looks more Creepy in Hatchet 3, new clip

Remakes of old movies are so popular among filmmakers. They use the same storyline but enhance the visual effect of the flick and revamp the characters to look and feel more creepy and realistic. By doing this they twist an old film into a modern-day horror flick that captures the old essence of it and adds in new visuals to it.

The 'Hatchet' films whether you think them over hype or not, are just a bit scary and fun to watch. I must say I really enjoyed the Hatchet 2. Even though it may take some time to set up for the characters to finally enter the swamp, it was engaging just to wait and see just how Victor was going to assassinate people. I noticed Hatchet has a much more serious, darker tone than the original movie, but it still has plenty of humorous and outright crazy moments.

The third installment of the 'Hatchet' film series, as you've most likely heard already, picks up right where the previous one ended, with Marybeth Dunston in search of justice against Victor who assassinated her father and brother.

Danielle Harris and Kane Hodder from the previous film once again returned to reprise their roles. BJ McDonnell helmed the project based on a script by Adam Green. The film will hit in theaters on June 14, 2013.

The below clips gives us a much better idea of what BJ McDonnell’s version of the film looks like, and it’s clear that this Hatchet is going to be quite intense.

Victor Crowley, Hatchet 3