Vikings Season 2 confirmed for next year (2014)

On April 05, 2013 it was confirmed that History had renewed Vikings for Season 2. According to Dirk Hoogstra, the show has been a “win-win” for the network. It has been confirmed that the filming on season two is expected to commence later this year in anticipation of a 2014 premiere, and the new season will consist of 10 episodes. Travis Fimmel is set to reprise his role as Ragnar Lodbrok. Vikings Season 2 may also feature new characters such as Leif Ericson, Alfred the Great and Ivar the Boneless.

It tells the story of one Norse clan “Ragnar Longbrok” (Travis Fimmel), who, in the year 729, disobeys Earl Haraldson (Gabriel Byrne) by furtively refusing to attack Russia. He tells his brother there's no point looting the same settlements who are just as poor as they are. It is a faithfully reproduce story of the real Ragnar, who became a well-known head of clan.

The season one was created and written by Michael Hirst, whose credits include the film Elizabeth as well as the TV series The Tudors.

Like other shows of the same tone, Vikings, Season one, is a mix of meditative drama, and wild and unforeseen bouts of aggression. This being History, yet, the actual content is clearly less realistic than if the drama had telecasted on premium cable.