3 Good Reasons Why the Dragon's Prophet is Worth a Look

The Online Role-Playing game Dragon's Prophet launches the Open Beta today! But why you should play it? Here you will find three good reasons why the game is worth a look.

The warriors rush ahead bravely. With their swords they plow through the enemy ranks. The fireball of an undead mega flies whizzing past an archer. This just focuses on one of the enemies as a giant dragon crushed him and his squad.

Only your captain survived, you rush to help. So begins one of the first foremost battles in the Dragon's Prophet. You are a man in whose veins flows the blood dragon. This can tame young dragon, and you have to fight an ancient evil dragon named Kronos. It wants power and leaves no stone unturned to destroy all who want to confront his power. To weaken the mighty dragon, you must destroy his minions.

1. It’s free!

You can download this online role-playing game for free. However, you have to pay real money if you want to advance in the game. Although there are micro-transactions, but they bring you to excessive advantage over other players. And they are not needed to build the game. This provides an additional challenge; you are solely dependent on your tactical skills.

Dragon's Prophet brings together everything you need in free role playing and much more. In addition to extensive main story, different side quests also waiting for you.

The dragon, the main element of the game, offers numerous possibilities to create your own potions and armor, just like in Guild Wars 2.

Dragon's Prophet

2. The Dragons

Who would not like a dragon as a pet? In Dragon's Prophet you have over 300 mythical creatures to choose from. They differ not only from each other externally, but also their abilities are different. Even if you tame two dragons that look the same, they never have the same skills. There are floating and flying kites. Of course you can ride them and even fly. With any luck you will meet rare dragons. They have a special appearance and special abilities.

3. Exciting Guild Wars

With a flying dragon you can come to flying islands, where you can build your own houses and create a guild. It is exciting when two guilds choose the same island. Then it comes to the battle for supremacy! To do this you send your dragon in the battle on the ground or in the air. The winning guild must determine the entire island.

If you have no desire to guild banter, then stops by the so-called PvP arenas. There appear to players against other players. Some battles take place entirely in the air.