BoC is back with Tomorrow's Harvest

The Scottish duo of Boards of Canada (BoC) has been in the electro music scene for a considerable time now, making their first studio album over a decade ago. BoC is one of those few duos of totally unique and their music is movingly emotive, and appeals to those that don't usually listen to electronic music. BoC has always sounded like they were producing singles for some forgotten about nature special that was on TV in the seventies. The nostalgic beauty of what they perform is sufficient to bring back old memories inside of anyone that listens even without the attention to detail that ambient music needs. The sonic discipline that has always made them be noticeable. It is the sheer scope of their creations with the humility of humbling, silent beauty and melodic prowess. These things have always made their music really something.

It’s been eight long years since they released their last album The Campfire Headphase, BoC is back with new material called “Tomorrow's Harvest”, which will come out on June 05, 2013 through their label Warp. The first single released from the album titled “Reach for the Dead". To me, this single is about: intimate moments, warmth, connecting to people. It sees BoC returning to their old roots but as we all know by now; it incorporates the use of guitar, warbly synths, smooth pads with their signature sounds.

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