Contrast: New details of Focus Home’s 2D/3D-Puzzle-Plattformer

Focus Home Interactive and Compulsion Games have given more details about their upcoming 2D/3D-Puzzle-Plattformer game "Contrast". This download title combines a 3D fantasy world with a mysterious 2D shadow world.

“Contrast" was originally planned to be released only for the PC on Steam, thanks to the new publishing deal with Focus Home Interactive the game is now heading to PSN and Xbox Live this fall.

In "Contrast", players explore a surreal dreamscape of the 1920s, inspired by film-Noire. Players take into the role of Dawn, the little girl's imaginary friend Didi. Dawn has the special ability to go from the 3D world to the parallel world of shadows.

In this setting, the players in the 3D world must manipulate light sources and objects, among other things, to influence the shadow world and secure the next round.

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Contrast, gap, jump, 1080