Craig Silverstein’s Nikita may end with season 4

This TV series is loosely based on Luc Besson’s 90s French film “Nikita”, 1993 remake and Joel Surnow’s TV series “La Femme Nikita”. While I haven’t seen the 1993 film, there is enough difference between Craig show and the previous TV series with Peta Wilson that it does not feel like a carbon-copy. Premises is the same, the plot-line is different, the cast is excellent and every character is well portrayed. It is an entirely new outlook from the lead characters we have seen before.

I have been watching Craig version of Nikita since the first season and I like the lead character “Niki” (Maggie Q) very much. Maggie Q does her own aerobatics; she's expert in Marshall Arts and her missions are obviously over the top but not in a way that you can't even figure out how it would be accomplished. Her sense of faithfulness gives the drama its well rounded plot value.

The third season of the show is everything people say. While the first season starts with all the cliches, the other two seasons explores more thrilling story-lines. The production values are first-class and the David E. Russo’s soundtrack will keep you engaged from start to finish.

The CW and series creator Craig Silverstein opted to end this show with the next season, so I am looking forward to seeing what the big new twist is going to be in the upcoming forth and probably the final season of Nikita.


It has been confirmed that the final season of Nikita will be six episodes only