Eric Roberts to Play Lead Role in Human Centipede 3

According to the Entertainment Weekly, The Dark Knight actor Eric Roberts will be cast in the final film of the trilogy “Human Centipede”, titled Human Centipede: Final Sequence.

Heiter (Dieter Laser), the doctor who performs surgery that connects people via their gastric system, and Martin (Laurence R. Harvey), which reproduced the experiment in the second film, will have the company of Golden Globe and Academy Award nomination actor Eric Roberts.

It is speculated that Human Centipede: Final Sequence may bring at least 250 inmates during the filming. The writer-director Tom Six has mentioned that the last entry of the franchise will be politically incorrect and that "the second film will look like it was made by Disney."

Human Centipede 3 has not yet scheduled for release.

Eric Roberts,  Human Centipede 3