Glimpse of Michael/Trevor/Franklin in GTA5 new clips screens

When GTA III came out back in 2001, I know something big was coming. It was an indication of change in the gaming industry. It proved us there could be more to games than high scores, levels or even a great plot-line  It showed us a world where you could go anyplace and do whatever thing. It knocked down all the walls of the conventional game and raised the bar for the third-person perception and literally created the open world genre.

Flash forward to today. GTA IV has been out for over five years and, regardless of the critical and commercial successes of Assassin's Creed III, CoD: Black Ops II and Halo 4, I find myself primed for the next GTA game, “Grand Theft Auto V”. Even though we may still be another few months away from it's actual release date, Rockstar teases us with new GTA 5 video clips and screenshots featuring three main characters Michael, Trevor and Franklin.

Michael is a former criminal living in Rockford Hills area of Los Santos with his dysfunctional family.

Trevor worked for the Michael in the past and has experience as an ex- military pilot and is now living in Blaine County.

Franklin works as a repo man for a luxury car dealership in South Los Santos.

Michael, Trevor, Franklin, GTA 5, New, ScreenshotsFranklin, GTA 5, New, Screenshots

Franklin, GTA 5, New, ScreenshotsTrevor, GTA 5, New, Screenshots

Franlin, GTA 5, New, Screenshots

Michael, GTA 5, New, ScreenshotsTrevor, GTA 5, New, Screenshots