Google's Nexus 5 May not comes from LG, but Android Tablet

Actually, the oracular experts were almost certain that the next Nexus smartphone, Google's Nexus 5, comes from LG. However, the Korean company denied all such rumors but assure to bring a new Android tablet to the market later this year.

Won Kim, Vice President of LG Mobile Europe, revealed in an interview with the Dutch website that they will not produce the next Nexus device regardless of their successful partnership with Google. But on the other hand Google may also unhappy about the production speed of LG – due to the delivery debacle of the Nexus 4 in November 2012. Now, the question is who will manufacture the next Google device which is completely open again. There are few potential companies out there for Google Nexus 5 such as Samsung, Acer, HTC and Chinese smartphone manufacturers Huawei and ZTE.

Kim also mentioned that they were tried to establish the LG Optimus Pad back in 2011 but with limited success. However, LG has learned so much over the past two years and we are excited working with Google. However, it is not quite finished yet, after all, the LG has waited so long for the launch of White Nexus 4.

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