GPMAA Google starts Music Streaming Service Similar to Spotify

Google Play Music All Access (GPMAA) is a music streaming service first presented at Google I / O 2013 which is much similar to Spotify. Google would be the first company to merge a cloud streaming service with a flat rate. Before users could upload their own music to Google's servers and listen to their music from anywhere using a web browser or the Google Play app for Android on the Smartphone and tablet. Now they can access to millions of songs from all the major labels. The search company will charge a monthly subscription fee of $ 9.99 but US users can sign up now for GPMAA at the Google Play Store for free until June 30, and those who subscribe to this service before the end of trail period will get a discount of $ 2 per month.

The Home of Music play has considerably revised by Google. There are numerous entry points into the catalog: Listen Now, My Library, Radio and Explore. The search in the catalog is done on the prominently placed search bar, the results are sorted by albums, artists, and individual tracks with over 22 musical genres to choose from.

The playback bar at the bottom edge of the browser allows control of all playback functions via evaluation fields - Thumbs up or down - to adapt to the preferences of the listener's radio stations.

If you have internalized the navigation through the browser, you get along well with the freshly baked play app for Android. A total of 10 devices can be linked to one account. Playback of live streams on a device stops as soon as you start on another.

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The streaming service convince the sound through the browser in some samples appeared clearer than on the Nexus 4 - Google makes no comments about the codec and the bit rate used. The playback pauses between tracks are both in the browser and use the app clearly audible.

In contrast to most other providers, Google offers its music flat rate; the price of $ 9.99 is customary.

The search company has already announced plans to launch their service in other regions.