Justin Lin Ends his Fast and Furious 6 series on a high note

Twelve years have passed since Paul Walker and Vin Diesel first met each other in The Fast and the Furious film. I must confess that I was never a big fan of the first few films. With the absence of the main characters, The Fast and the Furious - Tokyo Drift could at least score with its Japanese theaters but again it was not a great movie. It was not until 2009 Justin Lin’s Fast & Furious. In this entry, the cast of the original movie made a much anticipated and needed return to the franchise. This time around, they are stronger, more mature and well seasoned, and the director Justin Lin gave the series a new look.

With Fast & Furious 6, Justin Lin is now bringing his fast-travel to an end and what he gave us can be more than excellent. Especially the cooperation of all the returning cast and their respective characters are really well known and form something like a family that needs to be protected. It's nice to see Diesel and The Rock accrue the best. The interaction fits and is far more convincing to me than what would be really grown over the years between Diesel and Walker.

In addition, all members of the team have given enough screen time to show what they can do, and they have their moment in the spotlight. Here, the action is always underpinned by brisk jokes that keeps the mood up and fun to watch. Also new faces like Gina Carano make quite a decent figure.

But what is a team if there is no decent opponent? Luckily, Luke Evans resigns as Owen Shaw on the plan. Although his team could be a direct copy of Cathedral troupe, which will also commented relish in the film, but the attention is all alone Shaw. There remain many details in the dark, but Evans is also manages to create a truly outstanding screen presence.

Although the quality of the special effects in F & F 6 is significantly increased, but then there are moments where less would be much better. Like some action scenes at the beginning of a mad chase are pretty lame, with some really unrealistic-looking special effects. Similarly, the use of weapons is questionable; they serve only to make loud noises. The decisions are made in F & F 6 exclusively on the track. This takes some of the action sequences but its charm and makes exaggerated scenes appear unintentionally funny.

The series has found its own style and that is Justin Lin's merit. He may not count among the best directors, but he knows to be moving in the action genre. Above all, it must be mentioned that his F & F 6 does not rely on cheap 3D effects and knows his camera work and staging of the action scenes to please always. The scenes are cut cleanly, you know where that happens and he never gets the idea to grab the loose camera to emphasize the hustle and bustle of the scenes.

Justin Lin manages to unite the family once again and to complete his trilogy within the series, but he also closes the circle, in the years before his The Fast and the Furious - Tokyo Drift opened. The path is already paved for the Fast & Furious 7 which will come out in theaters next year.

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