Marc Shmuger / Tom McNulty to bring Timecop Back to Silver Screen

One of the most successful "Muscles from Brussels" Jean-Claude Van Damme’s films in his career is Timecop (1994). The film was directed by Peter Hyams and it was not only financially successful, but also received favorable reviews. Timecop was made for $ 27 million and returned more than $103 million worldwide, making it one of the most profitable cinematic investments. It was a comic book adaptation made by Dark Horse Comics and now Universal Pictures is planning a reboot.

Marc Shmuger (Dead of Winter) and Tom McNulty (Date Night ) will produce the reboot. Universal Pictures is currently looking for a suitable screenwriter. There is no word yet on Who Will Direct The New Timecop and Who Will Play The Lead Role Of Max Walker.? The star of the original film, Jean-Claude Van Damme, may not be involved in the project.

In the 2004 action movie, the Time Enforcement Comission (TEC) will ensure that criminals do not change the course of history to its advantage. One of their agents is Max Walker (Jean-Claude Van Damme) - and Senator Aaron McComb must (Ron Silver, "Ali") keep them to enrich themselves for the purpose of the presidency in the past.

A sequel to the Timecop with Jason Scott Lee ("Dracula 3 - Legacy") was released straight to DVD in 2003 and it also spawned a television series in 1997, which ran for nine episodes, and a video game in 1995.

The Dark Horse Entertainment had been able to gain a good recognition in Hollywood long before the success of Marvel Comics and DC Comics. Especially in the mid-nineties, they brought a wide range of comics in to the big screen. This includes Timecop, Tank Girl, Barb Wire and virus. We will also be able to see three more adoptions in this year, RIPD, 300: Rise of an Empire and Sin City: A Dame to Kill For.

Enjoy the trailer for the original Timecop :

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