Neverwinter: Forthcoming improvements and bug fixes

Andy Velasquez, lead producer of Neverwinter commented in a lengthy report regarding the current status of their free-to-play online role-playing game Neverwinter. He explained that they had corrected errors in the early days after the launch of the open beta phase and what solutions or improvements would still be present. In conclusion, he said something to the endgame content "Gauntlgrym" and announced a new class (ranged attack) to.

Resolved Issues:
  • Characters can not use a set bonus to blow millions of damage in a one attack.
  • The exploit, which allowed Astral Diamonds to get to the auction house by legitimately, has been resolved.
  • Several chests that could be looted more than once were fixed.
  • It is no longer possible to throw other players out of the game by stack Daze skills.
  • It is no longer possible for Tab Slot powers to be lost.
  • The problem, in which various forces received an unintentionally high regeneration time, should no longer occur.
  • The bonus chest should now appear correctly at the end of successfully completed dungeon runs.
  • Various quests which could be exploited if shared can no longer be shared now.
  • Improvements have been made to the foundry to prevent "speed leveling ".
Forthcoming improvements and bug fixes:
  • Network performance and overall connection stability
  • Problems with the waiting list (waiting times, teleport problems, group composition)
  • Problems with the looting in groups (To support players to win the items they really need)
  • Making gear progression feel more visually and mechanically significant
  • Improve the PvP system to reward active participation more
  • Improve the Aggro and threat balancing
  • Auction house bug fixes and UI improvements
  • Further observations of the economy to ensure that proper measures are taken to remove wrongly gained currency and items.

Performance and Class Balance

"Besides the stability, we also want to make sure that every player is able to play it smoothly as possible with as little lag or rubber banding as possible. This is an ongoing process for us. We understand that there are some players who still report lag-related issues. We are continuously reviewing those reports and collecting data in order to work on those and fix them so that each player has a great gaming experience.

We also have a team of technical supporters (in addition to normal customer service) to help the affected players to get into the game and maintain a stable connection. I would also like to say a word about classes balance. As in any other online game classes balance is also discussed a lot here. We hear your feedback carefully and observe the development of PvE and PvP strategies to shape everything together. There are currently a few powers and feats that are still affected by bugs, so we’re working on getting those issues ironed out first. Once this is complete, we will make the balance feedback and do our best to not only make things fair, but also make certain that all of the classes are enjoyable to play in every part of the game, from solo play, to group PvE content, to PvP.

New Content

We are also working on a lot of new content. At the moment we put the finishing touches to the new endgame content: Gauntlgrym ., it is our first PvP / PvE experience, raids, brings into play. Our goal is to bring this content in the next few weeks in the open beta. Moreover, there are new companion, zones, mounts, mechanics, model-Way and a new class. I can not reveal any details, but a little tip is to be noted that there is a class with ranged attack. Please remember that the artists and designers belong to a different area of content, nothing to do with the maintenance, bug fixes has to do with network problems or the operating mode. So while one half of the team is working to improve your gaming experience, other part of the team is working on lots of new things for the Neverwinter game.